Dallas Children's Photographer, Dallas Family Photographer: 1/52

Thursday, January 7, 2010 | |

I started a new little project this year. 52 weeks of 2010. The goal? To shoot for me. To be more creative. To capture memories for my own family. To think outside the box.

I love what I do--love meeting other families, capturing their children in the moment, just getting a glimpse of someone else's life for an hour or 2. I love the feeling I get when I see an image that I KNOW Mama and Daddy are going to flip over. But, I've realized that *I* rarely have those moments for myself. I just get busy with life sometimes and my camera (that's normally glued to my body) is left in its case, thus missing moments around La Casa de Clark.

So here it is. 1 of 52. Even though it was a brisk 29 degrees this afternoon, I bundled up Gracie and took her out back to jump in the leaves. Yes, leaves in January. Leaves that probably fell in October. Hey--don't judge! They're in the backyard. ;)

Enjoy! Hopefully, 51 more to follow. ;)


Megs said...

Cute pic Kristie!! And yay for your new project. :-)

Sara Tegman Photography said...

Kristie, awesome action shot! I love the arms wide open and the fan of the leaves thrown up. Expression on her face is priceless!

Becky Schultz said...

Awe so cute! :)

Traca said...

Cute, cute!