Dallas child photographer, Dallas family photographer: 5/52 and 6/52

Sunday, February 14, 2010 | |

Yes, I skipped a week. Oops! But, I made up with it with LOTS of shots for me this week! Whee! Dallas saw a record-breaking amount of snow Thursday and Friday--12.5 inches--and the Clark house took full advantage of it. My sweet girl would play and play and play until she couldn't take it any longer and would break down in tears because she was "fwwweeeeezin'"! We aren't exactly prepared in these parts with snow suits or waterproof mittens, so the wet and cold got to us quickly. But, again--she was mesmerized by it and we were mesmerized watching her. These are the kind of shots I meant to take when I started this project--shots for me, shots of my life, shots that documented my most prized possession--my family. Here are a couple of shots from our snow days!


Team Lavender said...

The snowman picture and your daughter is PRICELESS!!!! LOVE it and I can not wait for Elle's two year picture in Aug. (or around there).