Dallas photographer: Sneak peek, 5 years in the making...

Monday, January 25, 2010 | |

When Kristin emailed me in December, I immediately thought "WHY DIDN'T I DO THAT?!?". Travis and Kristin just celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary. They asked me to take some shots marking the occasion. And look--still in as much love as they were waaaay back then. ;) Enjoy your sneak peeks! More to come soon.

This first one is at an old jail. Fitting for the "old ball and chain", eh? I kid, I kid! ;)

And, Travis was saying something SUPER HILARIOUS right here. ;) Loved their interaction with one another. <3


Jennifer said...

Aw, that is a good idea. Love these shots. What a great backdrop too.

Kristin said...

Kristie- Love them!! Can't wait to see more!