Dallas Family Photographer, Dallas Child Photographer: 4 ladies and their Prince Charming

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 | |

It doesn't get any more "picture perfect" than this, folks. 70 degree weather...check. Gorgeous park...check. Amazing light...check. Ridiculously adorable family...check. A QUEEN...check!

I had the pleasure of hanging out with this Party of 5 on Sunday afternoon. And, wowsers. Such naturals in front of the camera! Take a look for your self.

Up first...the teenager. I guessed her age and was off by like 2 years. Umm...I was still shrimpy and awkward at 13. Yes, people. She's 13. Gorgeous, huh?

Next, the sweet middle child. Lover of all things Bakugan (because, I was informed that 7 year olds aren't really into princesses these days...I have a lot to learn). And, just as stunning as her older sister.

And then we have the little one...who wants to be the QUEEN. Or correction, who is the queen! Unlike her big sister, she is TOTALLY into princesses, which I know all about (my 3 year old would like for us to call her Cinderella). I fell in love with this girly girl's chipmunk cheeks and sweet demeanor.

Love this one of the 3 girls.

And of the whole fam. I told you...ridiculously adorable!

Hope you enjoy your sneak peeks!


Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

Awwww, beautiful! I've been waiting to see these pics! I can't believe how grown up the girls are and my fav is the last shot of everyone. :)

LH said...

Thanks E! And thanks Kristie--they are great. It was fun And the girls look so amazing! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! ;)