Dallas Children's Photographer, Dallas Child Photographer: 2/52

Saturday, January 16, 2010 | |

Remember how I said one of the goals for my 52 weeks project would be to "shoot more for me"? Well, this one is CLEARLY one just for me. Every year, my daughter's amazing school has a huge fundraising auction. One of the items that is auctioned ever year is a "class pet". Each Pre-K and Kindergarten class has a pet--a stuffed pet. The classes vote on names for the pet, the teachers make a pet habitat, and the pet goes home for 1 night with each child. Well, Thursday night was a BIG night at the Clark house because Grace came home with "Penelope the Penguin". And of course, this was the perfect opportunity for me to document a milestone in my daughter's school career...her first bit of "homework".

So here they are, Penelope and Grace, all snuggled up in G's bed. Look how proud she is to have that silly, stuffed pelican. Don't tell my husband, but I might be tempted to bid on this thing. :D


Lisa Harrison said...

She is beautiful and I love this conversion.

Jill Brochard said...

She is adorable. Leïla's class has the same thing -- Last year she wanted nothing to do with it, but this year she is waiting for her turn impatiently!

Becky Schultz said...

So sweet!