Dallas area photographer, McKinney children's photographer: Sneak Peek--L/S family

Saturday, November 7, 2009 | |

Whew! It's been a crazy, crazy, CRAZY few weeks. I am literally keeping the Starbucks near my house in business these days. So, it was totally fitting that I had some wild and crazy kids this morning (the good kind of wild and crazy...you know--life of the party, fun kind) AND that as their dad stopped in for some coffee this morning, one of the boys asked for coffee and to "Be sure it's decaf!" LOL! Too hysterical.

Anyway, I just adore this sweet group of kids. The baby boy was a little under the weather this morning and I'm sure we were QUITE a sight getting him to smile, but I think Nana and company will be happy with the results of our singing, dancing, and airplane flying. Enjoy your sneak peeks! More to come!


Jen said...

These are great. What a sweet group of kiddos.