Sneak Peek: Randi and Madee

Sunday, November 23, 2008 | |

This is my beautiful little sister, Randi and her 3.5 year old daughter. Randi helped me out in a big way yesterday, serving as kiddo corral patrol during my mini-sessions. As a thank you, we did a mini-session today and I'll put her Christmas cards together too. Don't tell her, but I probably would've done them anyway. ;)

Here ya go, Ran!


Jen said...

These are so sweet. That first one is priceless!

Jessica said...

Are you the same Kristie from SK?? Dont know how I came across your blog but your pics are so cute. Are you doing anymore sessions before Christmas? I desperately need pics taken for Cmas gifts!! (and maybe cards, too)
Let me know!